“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”
― Virginia Woolf, A Room of One’s Own

Enjoy the atmosphere and tasty food. At  “Ban Nam Kieng Din”

Ban Nam Kieng Din restaurant first opened its door in November of B.E. 2543 (or A.D. 2000) with the strong determination of the local people who want to come back to develop the communities where they grew up.

After Mr Banjerd Loblamlerd and his wife had accumulated vast experience of managing services businesses, and had jointly invested in the restaurant venture in inner Bangkok, they foresaw that their own hometown had great potential to open up a restaurant to serve the local people in Taweewattana neighborhood. Further more, back then The Authayan street, famous for its beautiful Buddha Park attracted a number of tourists but there were not many restaurants to cater to them. Thus the idea was born to create a “restaurant garden” to serve the passers by as well as families who live in the Western Bangkok.

From then to the present day, more than a decade had passed since Ban Nam Kieng Din became iconic alongside Authayan road with its unique Western-styled architecture, diverse selection of quality food, friendly atmosphere and attentive service like a family. It was starkly different from other “restaurant gardens” nearby. The little house was slowly expanding in response to the steadily growing loyal “members” of the restaurant.

At Ban Nam Kieng Din, Thai, Chinese and European dishes are served. One of the most famous dishes is the Pork knuckle (Schweinshaxe), which is authentic traditional recipe from the Deutschland itself. The authentic German beer is also offered as a perfect match.

Apart from The European cuisine, Thai and Chinese cuisines are also favorites among people, due to fresh ingredients carefully selected, and sophisticated cooking procedures, making the familiar taste for Thais like us.  The atmosphere of a place is as important as the flavor of food itself.

The restaurant makes extra efforts to maintain charming views and preserve nature as much as possible, especially the cozy open space with greenish trees, the cleanliness, and the hygiene so that people who dine here fill their eyes as much as their stomach.

Besides the food and the ambience, the service is at the heart of this restaurant as well. Ban Nam Kieng Din rigorously trains its entire staff to provide professional service, pay utmost attention to individual customers, like their close relatives. The service mind makes these “members” return the visit to the restaurant on regular basis time and time again. All of these are to bring a space of joy and superior food prepared for you and your family.

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